Thank you for checking the site! Right now it's a bit empty because I'm working on the Steam page and I prefer to show only updated media.

The trailer is not ready yet, but you can watch the first 30 seconds of the video to get an idea of the game.

Vangaro Tactics is a turn-based strategy game where unique officers from different factions battle for land and resources.

It also has Stealth Missions where you infiltrate enemy territory at night.
You have to plan your moves carefully, because you're outnumbered.


Platform and status

It's currently on development for PC, it's expected to be released on Steam in 2023.
It will be a singleplayer game.


The game is being developed by Daniel @niadocraz.
Sergi is helping out with the music.


The Steam page is coming soon, I will update the site when it's ready.
You can check out my Youtube or Twitter for more updates.